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Halloween Season is once again upon us.

We have Two Haunted House for your enjoyment

1)  SCARY-NIGHTS haunted House (It's called Scary-Night for a reason, Ages 10-80 Not Faint of Heart)  located at  403 North Nenant St and 3rd St. in the Old Gym

Open Friday and Saturday nights:  Starts Sept. 29th and 30th , 6th and 7th, 13th and 14th, 20st and 21th , 27th and 28th From Dark (around 7 PM to 11 PM)

Open extended days for Halloween week we will be also be open Sunday the 29th. Monday 30th and Tuesday Oct 31th From Dark (around 7PM to 10 PM) don't for get Friday and Saturday listed above. 

2) Family Friendly Haunted house in the Bucoda Community Center located at the corner  of Main and 7th St. First floor

Open this year October  Open: 

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